Zuckerberg announces Facebook not to be free from now, pay for updates.

Facebook has been providing free services to its users since its inception in 2004. Mark Zuckerberg’s latest announcement puts the happy days to an end. People can still use Facebook for free but they will not be able to post anything, like or comment on the posts appearing in their feed from the 3rd of April, that is, Monday.

Why is Zuckerberg doing this? In his latest press conference he said, “Facebook was created with a vision of connecting people. It is successful in connecting people but, on the other hand it is also used by many in the wrong way like spreading false rumours.” He also said that people post such fake stuff just because facebook is free. They will not do the same if a charge was imposed for making updates on facebook.

So, this is the way Mark Zuckerberg has decided to fight the fake news problem which is widespread in facebook. If you are reading this, then probably it is the right time to tell you that you just got fooled! If facebook wasn’t free, probably we wouldn’t have posted this fake news either. Share it with your friends and give them a little shock too! In the name of fake news we just shared the same. That’s the  irony!

Just one more thing:

Keep on passing this & make everyone have a goosebump!

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