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World’s First Head Transplant Is All Set In December

So untill now you have heard only Kidney Transplant, Eye Transplant or possibly a Heart Transplant. But what if I tell you breaking these barriers, a head transplant is going to happen? Shocked? Wait its not end here. Let me describe the whole story.

World’s First Head Transplant

In 2015, an Italy-based doctor named Dr. Sergio Canavero claimed the possibility of a Head Transplant, based on his 30 years long research. And in December Canavero will literally remove the head from a body and set it on another body! Crazy isn’t it?

Valery Spiridonov, a terminally ill patient from Russia is said to volunteer the operation. Valery is suffering muscular atrophy and he thinks Head Transplant is the last option for him to lead a normal life.

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Process Of The First Head Transplant

The process will literally involve removing head of Valery, then cooling the head in about 15 degree Celsius. Then set it to a donor’s dead body. If everything works then Valery should get control of muscles on his new body.

Head Transplant

Valery’s head will be cut by a special knife. The speciality of the knife is its a diamond made nanoblade which can control cuts up to one millionth of a meter. Only this special knife will cost around $200,000. After cutting off the spinal cord, the head will be kept cool so that bleeding out is healed. After that Dr. Canavero will repair the spinal cord and reattach it to the new body. Sounds insane!

Now its about removing a head from a body and set it up in a new body. So certainly there could be some unwanted problems popping up after or while the operation. After all the level of insanity involved in this crazy thing is indescribable. To ensure solution of those unwanted problems, scientists has come up with an innovative way. A bunch of programmers has developed a Virtual Reality System which will give the solution of all the problems which will arise.

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The World’s First Head Transplant will cost around $20 million involving 150 doctors, technicians and nurses. And obviously Dr. Sergio Canavero will lead the team to make the crazy operation a huge success. The reason behind Valery to take the risk and volunteer in the crazy operation is his life is already threatened due to his disease.


In the past Dr. Sergio performed a head transplant on a monkey with the help of Dr. Xiaoping Ren to check if the blood supply works or not. Fortunately the monkey survived. But due to ethical reason he was only kept alive for 20 hours.

Now we can only wait till December and just cross our fingers to hope for the best. If Dr. Sergio Canavero succeeds in his operation then undoubtedly he will create a history which gonna make Treatment much more amazing.

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