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uCrypt – Universal Secured Messaging Review: The Perfect Security Guard Of The Messages!

[section label=”Introduction” anchor=”Introduction”] This is the era of Cyber. We are actually living in the virtual world of internet. From shopping online to  ordering foods online to online money transfer, we literally can not think of a single day without internet – thanks to Jio obviously. The most used messaging service is now WhatsApp, Messenger etc. Everyday we send tons of sensitive datas via message. But have you ever thought, is your sent data totally secure? Is there any breach of your privacy? Privacy is that kind of thing which should be less compromised. Your private datas always should be private – NO MATTER WHAT THE SITUATION IS.

Although we know that  multiple messaging service providers adopted multiple techniques to encrypt the messages, still we have to be extra cautious while sending any sensitive data right? But the question is HOW? Well for this exact purpose a developer team from Mumbai calling themselves; has made an app – uCrypt – Universal Secured Messaging. 

The description of the app says “uCrypt is an encryption tool to secure your communications. Simply open the floating widget, enter your text & press “Encrypt and Copy”, and you are done.  It is that simple! Works with all social apps like WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter. Secure your messages today, download the uCrypt app.”

[section label=”How Does It Work?” anchor=”How Does It Work?”]

uCrypt – Universal Secured Messaging Review: How it works

uCrypt - Universal Secured MessagingSo the main purpose of this app is to add a extra layer of encryption on your messages sent via any social media platform. 1. This simply adds a floating widget on your screen as the screenshot shows.

2. Tap on the uCrypt icon. It will open up a pop-up.

3. Click on Set Key then set a password.

4. Write your message. Then click Encrypt And Copy.

5. Just goto any messaging service, paste your encrypted message.

6. Send that & don’t forget to send the password as well.

7. The Receiver needs to install the app as well.

8. Then he/she needs to open the app.

9. Click on the floating widget.

10. Click on the Set Key & write down the password you set for that message.

11. Then open the social platform via which you have sent that message, then he/she needs to just copy the message and the decrypted message will be visible on the floating widget.

[section label=”Demonstration” anchor=”Demonstration”]

You can check out the video demonstration by developer team.

[section label=”Our Review” anchor=”Our Review”]

uCrypt – Universal Secured Messaging Review

Now lets take a look at the usability, ease of use and features of the apps.

  • UI: Taking about the UI, the UI of the app is really simple and to the point. There are not many unnecessary eye catching options. Each element of the UI clearly describes for what it is meant for.
  • Usability: The usability of the app is fairly great & see. The app does what its made for. Little knowledge on how to use the app can give your best results while using.
  • Features: As I told earlier, to be honest the app does not pretend to have a lots of features. Its made for one great purpose which is Secure Your Message and it really does its job efficiently.
  • Verdict: No matter if you are a privacy freak or not, if you send lots of sensitive data over message then you HAVE TO TRY this app, because your data deserves to be secured and you have to secure it.

We really liked the app because its really small in size, very very handy & do its work efficiently. We have added the link to the play store page of the app. The app comes in two version. One is free version which obviously comes with ads & the pro version is without ads & costs only $0.99. You can help the developer if you liked the app.

[appbox googleplay tech.compiled.f_crypt] [appbox googleplay tech.compiled.f_crypt_pro]
Ease of use

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