Uber Self-Driving car got crashed resulting suspension of Self-Driven cars!

In Arizona, Uber self-driving car got crashed with another car when the other car was not able to give space to the Uber car.

Uber Self-Driving car got crashed resulting suspension of Self-Driven cars!
After the crash of Uber Self-driven car. Photograph: Reuters

Photos were posted of the crash and Uber has suspended all the self-driven cars from all areas of Arizona, Pennsylvania & California untill investigation is complete.

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At the time of crash there were 2 engineers of Uber in the front seat only, as there’s always a person in the front driver seat to take control if something goes wrong. Now it ain’t clear whether the car was in self-mode or manually driven by the engineers. The good news is that no-one is hurt seriously by this crash.

Already Uber is facing a lot of problems now this one joins them.

According to police, this happened when the driver of another car failed to give proper indication while turning left and give space to the Uber car resulting the crash. It’s not the result of any malfunctioning in the Uber Self-Driving Volbo SUV, but the whole incident is under investigation.

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  1. this is again unprecedented decision.I think someone has to take responsibility.just adhoc orders are not going to help.

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