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Another Case Is Filed Against Uber For ‘Hell’ Tracking Program!

Looks like this year is going to be hard for Uber as a former lyft Driver is ready to file a case against Uber for their Hell Tracking software. Uber Hell Tracking software was used to track all the Lyft drivers individually to find their availability, place & if they works for Uber too.

Uber was tracking them by Uber Hell Tracking software which was illegal and they spoofed their location by creating fake Lyft drivers account. Is this expected from Uber? It’s not ending here. If they finds out that a driver is working for both Uber & Lyft then they were offering him better perks and Bonuses to leave Lyft. It’s like poaching from your rivals.

The case is filed in the ground of Privacy invasion by “intentionally collecting, gathering, [and] intercepting”. Though Uber hasn’t accepted the hell tracking software yet.

Previously Italy Court banned Uber from operating in Italy. Rome judge gave order in the favor of Italy’s Taxi Association. They termed it as an unfair competition. Uber Ban is a shock to the Uber’s lawyers.

“We will appeal this ruling that is based on a 25-year-old law. Now the government can’t waste more time and needs to decide whether it wants to remain anchored to the past, protecting privileged profits, or whether it wants to allow Italian to benefit from new technologies.” Said Uber Lawyer’s.

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