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Uber Charged Rs. 5325 for a 6 km Ride!

Uber Charged Rs. 5325 for a 6 km Ride. Insane. Once again Uber does the same. Read what Praveen BS, techie from Mysuru faced!

Online cab has become an essential part of our life. From Uber to OLA, we can book cabs on the go as per our convenience. But sometimes, it can be as painful as anything. Like, Praveen, a techie from Mysuru faced. Uber charged Rs. 5325 for a 6 km ride, yes for just a 6 km ride.

The whole story is, Praveen BS booked a Uber cab via the aggregator’s kiosk for his journey from City Rail Station to Mysuru Satellite Bus Stop, at the end of his journey of 6 KM he got bill of Rs. 5325. The driver even threatened him, if he wants to deboard, he have pay the whooping amount.

I had to reach Mysuru early, but I missed the 3.30pm train and so decided to take a cab to reach the Mysuru Satellite Bus stand. I boarded the cab KA01G0590 at 4.30 pm. At the destination, the driver pressed the end trip button on his device.The bill amount showed Rs 5,352. I asked the driver, who told me that the current fare is Rs 103, and the rest is your previous balance. This, I could not believe as I was using Uber only for the second time in two years.” Praveen told.

Uber Charged Rs. 5325 for a 6 km Ride.

Praveen even asked the driver if it was a technical glitch, and he was ready to pay Rs. 103, but the driver refused to take that. Driver was right at his point, because he has to pay that amount from his Uber account, thats why he actually forced Praveen. Even the driver called Uber support and he was advised to collect the money from Praveen only and he even told not to allow Praveen to deboard before paying the money.

I refused to pay the bill and then the driver called up the police control room, who asked us to get in touch with the jurisdictional police. I was happy that we were going to the police station to sort the issue out instead of getting into an argument there,” said Praveen.

“At the Byatarayanapura police station, I had to explain the entire episode to policemen, who heard both the parties and told the driver that he can charge only Rs 103!” Praveen concluded. Driver told to a leading local news paper that he has nothing to do as the bill showed up Rs. 5325 for 6 km.

Meanwhile, this is not the first time. Earlier we have also seen several reports against Uber & OLA regarding the same. Hopefully these cab providers will sort out their problems soon to give us hassle-free ride. But can Uber Charged Rs. 5325 for a 6 km Ride?

Have you faced anything like this? or have anything to share on Uber Charged Rs. 5325 for a 6 km Ride? Share below.

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