Twitter Lite Launched: Way Faster, 70% Less Data Usage & >1MB In Size

Keith Coleman VP of Twitter Launched Twitter Lite Today which is Way Faster, Cheaper on Slow /expensive Networks. It’s consumes 70% less data with less than 1MB App Size. And the best part? It’s loading time is 30% faster. so let’s get start with Twitter Lite.

Twitter Lite



To grab more users they launched this lite version in India. “India, which is one of the top five markets, is also one of the fastest growing markets for Twitter and we believe that it is the best time for growth in the country as more and more People join the platform, including celebrities,” Said Hari.

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Twitter doesn’t give exact breakup of user number but they are seeing a growth of users in South & East India.

Twitter is having a tough time as many of their core members left the company and they sacked 9% of their company which resulted 300 jobless employee.

The main problem of them is generating revenue, and they plans to tackle this with Twitter Lite.

Twitter Lite will boost their user growth, but everything depends on advertisement. If they advertisers don’t think Twitter Lite as potential platform which can help them in sales then Twitter will struggle.

How to use Twitter Lite:

  • Open a browser on your Mobile. Android or iOS.
  • Visit’s a web version)
  • Android Users will get an option to add it on home screen to access faster.
  • Turn on Data Saver.
  • You can even browse offline if you loose the connection.
  • You will get push notifications on T20 Cricket Season.

Having any issue with Twitter Lite? Drop down the questions below and we will get back to you!

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