Train Goes Through Building Utilizing The Direct Route Available in China!

Ever wondered if you are in hurry and you need to catch a train, you have to go to the station first. But wait what if the station is on your apartment? If Train Goes Through Building? Sounds impossible? But sorry to hammer your knowledge, its possible.

China, the country of technology, has made it possible. Chongqing  (31,000 square miles) the “emerging mega city” of China has a huge amount of population, of 49 million. So normally there are huge numbers of buildings occupying the ground as well as sky leaving less space for important train line.

But we must admit that China is not among those countries who accept failure so easily. As a remedy, city planners of Chongqing have come up with an unique train route built through the apartments.

Train Goes Through Building

Solution for lack of space is undoubtedly pretty creative. The Transit No. 2 of Chongqing Rail is built between 6th floor to 8th floor of the 19 storied building.

How the Train Goes Through Building?

Engineers have basically made a whole platform between the sixth to eighth floor of the building instead of taking it down. Set up tracks and station in that whole completing the total track. Even the building has small station inside. Guess how convenient it is for the residents of that building to take a train from Liziba Station.

Train Goes Through Building

Our city is very heavily built upon and that can make finding room for roads and railway lines a real challenge.” – A city spokesperson said.

Train Goes Through Building

Did you know: The port city of Chongqing is located in the banks of Yangtze river and its one of the four municipalities of China. Chongqing is also referred as the Mountain City because it is located deep swathes of forest and hills.

Do you think our country too is going to have such technologies? Have you already been planning something outstanding like this? Let us know in the comment section. Stay tuned for more amazing articles like this.

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