Tokyo Olympic 2020 Medals will be made from Mobile Phones

Tokyo Olympic 2020 and Paralympic Medals will be formed from Phones.

“A project that allows the people of Japan to take part in creating the medals is really good,” said Tokyo Olympic 2020 sports director Koji Murofushi.¬†

Over 5000 Medals will be formed for Tokyo Olympic 2020, so the citizens of Japan will be asked to donate their old mobile phones and e-Waste to gather two tonnes of Gold, Silver and Bronze.

Till Olympic 2016, Olympic hosted cities gathered their required metals from mining firms but Japan don’t have their own resources so they placed this idea to the Olympic committee in 2016 which was granted.

What do you think of this idea by Japan to make Medals from Phones in Tokyo Olympic 2020? Drop down a comment below & stay tuned with Headline Authority!

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