To The Boy Who Couldn’t Value My Love

Sometimes I just miss all the things we had. Those all day long conversations on any random thing on Earth and my occasional venting out sessions when I threatened to leave you a hundred times but came back hundred and one times. I miss waking up to your messages. No, waiting for you to wake up so that my double tick on whatsapp would turn blue. I miss sharing all the things going on in my life with those intricate details. I miss meeting and spending time with you. I never knew those baseless conversations with a quiet person will be so tantalizing.I guess that was the most magical part about us. In this world full of chaos, I found peace with you. I knew when I was with you there will be no complications. I felt I was safe, happy and loved. I don’t know what we had that makes you so irreplaceable in my life. I don’t know that and I know now that I have chosen to permanently shu you away from my life, this void will be permanent.
I miss you dumbhead, I really miss pampering you, taking care of you, being aware of what is going on in your life but now I have to accept that there is someone who has taken over these responsibilities. No matter how much I miss, my time to enjoy these rights are over and that is what depresses me. The thing which I loved doing was taken away from me at once and you did that to me. You gave me your all, made me accustomed to it and then disappeared in thin air.

I will never forget you for that. NEVER.

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Ishita Bagchi

A young writer, an avid reader and an aspiring economist with high hopes and dreams of bringing change even if in the smallest way possible. Lazy yet friendly.

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