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Dromomaniacs, guess what, no more do you have to be confined to the walls of the globe now, for its time to explore extra-terrestrial territories! Travelling around the moon no longer reamins a fairy tale, SpaceX gets you the opportunity the very next year. They are on the verge of launching a two-paying passangers on a tourist trip around the moon using spaceship Dragon-2 being developed by the NASA astronauts.


The launch of the first privately funded tourist flight beyond the orbit of the International Space Station is tentatively targeted for late 2018, Space Exploration Technologies Chief Executive Elon Musk told reporters on a conference call.


NASA is hoping those crew-ferrying flights for a week-long trip will begin by late 2018. However lot of training, health tests and cautions are to be exercised. The names of the first two riders are not disclosed yet but they’re going to start preparing from right this year,said the team.

So newly-married couples, awesome chance to go to honeyMOON now 😉

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