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Is Technology Taking The Bibliophiles Away From Their Love For Books?

Since the invention of printing press, the book has been the instrument for learning throughout the world. There are books on every topic imaginable , its the books that preserve the historic records of nations for generations to come. Learning today is as important as it was in Gutenberg’s time-but the medium is changing. For the past few years the world has seen a revolution in every possible field: Education is no exception. The revolution or rather the new medium of imparting education is what we call in today’s world – e-books. The e-book is altering our approach to reading and therefore to education.
Teachers have used digital books with elementary school children for years-encyclopedias , textbooks on CD. However these CDs were often flat , boring pages in a .pdf format – a format that did little to excite students and effect learning. In contrast , today’s e-books offer a dynamic and interactive learning experience.

BibliophilesAs we all know 21st century is the age of controversy. Controversy has been the indispensable truth in every sphere. Even e-books could not survive from the Gargantuan mouth of controversy – there are people who have accepted the revolution in educations others are adamant to welcome this change.


Arguments that came for using e-books are:

E-books are eco-friendly because they save on the number of trees being cut for paper.
An e-reader , such as kindle from Amazon or a Nook from Barnes & Noble, weighs less than the average printed book and can hold 100 times more material.
The condition of books on an e-reader remains intact no matter how many times you have read it.
Despite the initial cost of an e-reader , they are economical because e-books are cheaper to purchase – on average , less than half of the cost of a print edition.
Arguments that came against using e-books are :
It’s true that e-readers are the latest must haves in the techno world but there are hell lot of facts to consider before going digital.
Want to share your book with a friend? With a printed copy u simply hand it over and hope to get it back someday.
Short of funds but still want to read a particular book? No problem , rush to the library and issue the book which is not possible in case of kindle.
Maximum e-readers have screens that forbade us to read under direct sunlight but in case of printed books this is not the case.

Conclusion: E-books and ordinary books both have merits and demerits. Therefore its our personal taste as to which one we should opt for but seeing the advent in technology we should extend our arms to welcome revolution. Who says old dag can’t learn new tricks?

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