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Snapdeal Sold A “Brick” @ Rs. 12,000!

Snapdeal Sold A Brick at Rs 12000. Nithila a girl from Chennai ordered a phone from Snapdeal & got a brick instead!

Online market in India is growing rapidly beyond our imagination. Actually people loves shopping online for it’s ease. Choose a product —- add to cart —- enter address —- pay or order on cash on delivery. So easy!! But what if they sell brick instead of phone? Well its right, recently Snapdeal sold a brick @ Rs. 12,000.

Ramya & Nithila, two friends who live in Chennai, recently ordered a Lenovo Z Plus from Snapdeal. After a short wait  of 3 days, the product finally reached their place. They scheduled the delivery to next day as they were not available on the particular day. Later Nithila opened the package with a bunch of excitement and guess what ? She got a “Brick” instead of her actually ordered Z Plus. Her friend, who is a student of Madras IIT said, “We couldn’t pick up our parcel the day it arrived so we asked the delivery person to bring it the next day. When we opened the box, we were shocked to find half a brick inside,“.

They immediately called the delivery boy, and the boy answered he have no clue what happened. Then he advised to contact Snapdeal instead. “As soon as we opened the package, we contacted the delivery person and he said he can’t take it back. That’s when we contacted Snapdeal on their website but they have no proper redressal mechanism. We finally called them and registered a complaint and they’ve promised us a refund,” Ramya added.

Fortunately Snapdeal admitted the incident and told, “We have initiated an inquiry based on the customer’s complaint and will ensure we find out what went wrong within 7 days,

This kinda incident is not new in the history of e-commerce websites. Same thing happened with Flipkart previously. We don’t how they manage their logistic services, but this incidents are not acceptable. Don’t you think such incidents break your trust of shopping online again? Asking the same to the sufferer, they answered, “We can’t stop shopping online but won’t deal with Snapdeal again.

Have you ever faced this types of issue? Let us know!

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