Smartphone grows Microbes: New Discovery

The new discovery by scientists have exposed that there are three new species of microbes shelters in our mobile screen. Reports showed that Mobile phones are more dirty than toilet seats. Toilet seats shelters 3-4 types of bacteria but mobile screens carry 11-13 types of bacteria and fungi.

Microbes in phone

Mobiles are carried to every environment from workplace to toilets. Scientists from Pune collected 27 mobile screens and discovered 515 different bacterias and 28 different fungi. They used sterilised cotton swabs and sterile saline to clean the mobile screen where the fungi and bacterias has grown in 30 degree Centigrade. And then they found the 3 new types of microbes. 2 Bacteria have named as Lysinbacillus telephonicus and Microbacterium telephonicum. The new fungi species is named as Pyrenochaeta telephoni. The good news is that they are all human friendly and doesn’t effect the health of humans.

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