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BREAKING NEWS: Serena Williams is 20 Weeks Pregnant!

Do you know world famous tennis champion Serena Williams? I think its a very silly question to ask. We all know Serena Williams. But wait! I have a really breaking news for you. Serena Williams 20 Weeks Pregnant

Serena Williams is 20 Weeks Pregnant!! Yes its true! The famous tennis champion announced on Snapchat Wednesday that she is 20 Weeks pregnant. She even snapped a photo of his first baby bump.

Serena Williams 20 Weeks Pregnant

She is 20 Weeks pregnant means she was pregnant even in January when Serena won the Australian Open.

For your information, Serena married to Alexis Ohanian few months ago. Alexis is co-founder of famous website Reddit.

Take a look on Serena’s other snaps:

We pray Serena & her baby stays well. What do you think on Serena’s pregnancy? Leave a comment below.

Stay tuned for more updates like Serena Williams 20 Weeks Pregnant.

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