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ScoopWhoop Co-founder Suparn Pandey Accused of Sexual Harassment!

Just 1 month ago we reported that a FIR has been filed against founder of The Viral Fever (aka TVF) for sexual harassment. Now a same report has come to light against ScoopWhoop. ScoopWhoop co-founder Suparn Pandey Accused of Sexual Harassment.

ScoopWhoop Co-founder Suparn Pandey Accused of Sexual Harassment

A former senior executive of ScoopWhoop has filed the FIR against Suparn at Vasant kunj (South) police station. Suparn has been charged with section 354 A (sexual harassment), section 509 (insulting the modesty of a woman), and section 506 (criminal intimidation). According to the report of Catch News, it is also said that the complainant has also named other co-founders for abetting harassment & trying to hide it.

As per the complainant, Pandey keep on making inappropriate comments and lewd remarks during her 2 years job at ScoopWhoop. She also reported that Suparn even commented on her sexuality.

“Mr. Suparn Pandey in public commented on my sexuality and this comment included calling me a names (sic.) which reflected on my sexual orientation and my sexual preferences (sic.) as well as characterised me in a certain way” – the complainant stated in the FIR.

As per the FIR, Pandey did not stop only at verbal harassment, he even repeatedly got “uncomfortably close” or even “often trying to play with her hair”. She also claimed Pandey even sent her lewd video on the company’s official Gmail chat – said in the Catch News Report.

Mr. Pandey got so bold as to send me a lewd video over the official Gmail chat, in which the words were “aapni jeans dheeli karo‘, said in the FIR.

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No Action Was Taken By ScoopWhoop

The complainant reported that she even raised the issue to the ScoopWhoop co-founder Sriparna Tikekar. Sriparna assured her that these types of incidents would not be repeated in future. But unfortunately Sriparna did not take any action.

ScoopWhoop Co-founder Suparn Pandey Accused of Sexual Harassment

The complainant also reported that she repeatedly raised the issue, but no action was taken against the co-founder. Instead she was publicly harassed and forced to work in close quarters with Pandey. If she denied then she was reprimanded and humiliated.

After crossing all the limits, she finally decided to quit the job.

Mr. Pandey approached me after the meeting, between 8-9:30PM, when I was alone at my work desk and asked me to be less “aggressive” in my dealings with other people and learn to “pour some sugar on it.” That after that, he then got up, kissed my forehead and walked away,” complainant also reported in the FIR.

The most shocking news is, co-founders threatened to destroy her carrier and disclose her publicly if she lodges a formal complain. After a series of complaints & threats she finally decided to quit the job.

What do think about these series of harassments by these dignitories? What steps must necessary be taken against them? Let us know in the comment section below.

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