Get ready to be served by a ROBOT in Restaurant!

Its automation all around! Technology is vehemently eliminating manual labour of all sorts as is evident in case of a restaurant at Multan in Pakistan. It has got artificial intelligence serving people replacing the waiters!
The robot was originally built by a Pakistani student Syed Usama, alumnus of National University of Sciences and Technology, son of the owner of the restaurant, Syed Aziz Ahmed. An Electrical Engineering student, Usama wanted to do something different for his country and came up with this brilliant idea of making robots weighing 25 Kg only which can carry a load of 5 kg in average, serving the people of not only his country but also innumerable tourists who are visiting their restaurant.
It took Usama only 8 weeks to complete his project and he is looking forward to launch it even in the city of Hyderbad in Pakistan.

See the video here:


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