Different Reasons Of Happiness That The Drops Of Rain Give!

Rain drops. A cup of hot chocolate or coffee and a book of your favorite author or maybe a playlist of your favorite singer. Sounds pretty tempting right?
Well, this is just one way of happiness that the rainy season brings among 100 other ways.
The first pattering sound and drops of rains on the window panes definitely brings a smile and a sense of solace on everyone’s face.
Rain, indeed brings happiness in various ways.

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A simple hot chocolate sitting by the window pane or a cup of coffee listening to your favourite music might be your favourite one.

For some others, reading a book lying on the couch might be the key to enjoying the soft breeze, clouds and the petrichor.
On the other hand, going on a long drive along the highway and having the special ‘bhaar er cha’ (For Bengali People) might be the best way of enjoying the season for the not so lazy ones or the love birds.
Eating in the highway dhabas or roadside stalls might not be supported by the ‘inner doctor’ in you but to be true we all know how much happiness we get to have these stuffs during the rains. Well, how can we forget getting wet in the rain. In spite of being chastised, we definitely don’t like to miss out on getting wet in the first showers of rain standing on the rooftop or on the roads alone or with someone special maybe.

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And for some deep thinkers and lovers, the smell of earth after rain and petrichor makes them content. Everyone definitely has their own personal favorite ways of deriving pleasure from this season.  These were just some favourites of mine.
Many can relate and feel free to drop in your own favourite ways of deriving happiness from the rains in the comments.

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