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No Government Jobs In Assam With More Than 2 Kids Or If You Are Married Too Young!

The Assam Government on last Sunday had taken a new initiative to control the population rate of the state which is recorded to be 3.11 crores as per 2011 census. It has increased by a crore since the 2001 census which made the government take steps against the growth rate. “No government jobs will be given to a person having more than two children”, is the new population draft policy. Also, one getting a job under the condition should have to maintain it till his termination/retirement. The policy also stands up against the custom of child marriage as anybody married before the legal age would be stopped from getting the jobs too.

Government Jobs
‌“We want to move from primarily a medical-led policy to a socially responsible policy” , says Assam Health and Education Minister, Himanta Biswa Sarma.

‌The policy also promises women 50 percent reservation in government jobs. After public views are sought, the policy will go for debate in the Assembly Hall and would take minimum three years to be executed, clearly mentions Sarma.

Do you know Government is taking steps to reduce Unemployability of Engineers in India!

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