Music has no religion? You will think twice after reading the article!

Music has no religion we all know that. Thats why Md. Rafi can sing “Madhuban main Radhika nache re” and Sonu Nigam can sing “Shukran Allah“. A. R. Rahman composing “Radha kaise na jale” it is not that rare sight for Indians. But recently one incident can make you think twice to say “Music has no religion”.

An aspiring 16 year Assam singer Nahid Afrin who is known for her Indian Idol Junior performance. She became second in that show. She also sang a song in movie Akira. Recently a fatwa issued against her by 46 Muslim clerics. Because from their view her singing is “Against the Sharia”. Templates have been distributed among people for not to attend her shows. Nahid said about the incident she never thinks singing is anti muslim cause it is allah’s blessings to her, she added she will never stop singing she is getting support from Assam and all over India. She stated ” I think my music is God’s gift to me. I will never bow to it (such warnings) and never leave singing, Being a practicing Muslim, I do not believe singing is anti-Islam, My singing is gift of God. I believe it must be properly utilized, not doing so would be ignoring God”. She said, adding, “My father too told me our religious leaders said I can continue singing.”

Singing is a gift of god we all know, then how it could be against any religious issues? This incident is making me thinking again, do we really belong to the 21st century? Nahid dont stop singing. We,Headline Authority, are with you and your decision.

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