You Can Login To Your Microsoft Account Without Any Password Soon! 

Microsoft is trying to bring a new feature where you will be able to sign in to your Microsoft account without any need of password. While logging in to your Microsoft account you have to give the login ID and authenticate the password using your phone.

Google already have the feature with Google’s Sign-in prompt. Recently Microsoft launched ‘Phone sign-ins’ which is available for Android, iOS and Windows Phone app stores. Inside the app you have to select ‘Phone Sign-in’ option to set the account to sig-in without password.

“A few people have asked if this works with Windows Phone version Microsoft Authenticator. Windows Phone makes up <5% of the active users of our Authenticator Apps so we have prioritized getting this working with iOS and Android for now. If/When it becomes a big success on those high scale platforms, we will evaluate adding support for Windows Phone,” said Alex Simons, director of program management, Microsoft Identity Division in a blog post.

“This process is easier than standard two-step verification and significantly more secure than only a password, which can be forgotten, phished, or compromised,” said Simons.

If the phone is not with you, you can manually login with your password. Microsoft Authenticator speeds up the average login time a user takes. With Microsoft Authenticator when you sigin with your ID, you will get a prompt in your phone to allow or not allow the session, if you hit Ok then you will get the access.

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