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Meet The Guy Who Is Building An Empire From Just Rs.1200!

Mr.Bharatwaj Rao is the person behind the success of a rising empire built from just Rs.1200

Headline Authority is introducing a new segment of interviews where successful startup founders come and we get to know about them as they share their story with our readers. For our first interview, we have invited none other than the Marketing Wizard himself Mr.Bharatwaj Rao.

Trishit Chakraborty:  It’s a great pleasure meeting you sir in person, please let our readers know about your organization and its functioning?

Bharatwaj Rao : Pleasure is mine, My company name is DigitalCube Tech Pvt Ltd. We run a Marketing company where our main focus is to increase our clients brand value and run successful marketing campaigns for them in order to increase their sales.

DigitalCube Tech Pvt Ltd

T: We would like to know about your backstory, the reason why you choosed this different road than others , can you share it with us?

B: Well, I always believed that practical knowledge is more superior than bookish knowledge. During my vacations after 12th i joined many startups as interns and learned new things. I remember that day still as fresh that i decided i should do something of my own as i had a quarrel with a founder about something which was not my main job profile for which he had said that, “Do what i am paying for”. That same moment i told myself, i shall never be a person like him. I had an old Pc at home and i sold that on a classified site and believe me i have never sold any product online before that and that Pc got sold like a hot cake, as if something was saying that i should start doing something like this. Thus started my journey,  with just Rs. 1200 and a laptop which i bought myself from the money generated from my blog. It has been an interesting journey till now and i think here on from now, this ride is going to be more interesting.

T : So, how did you get your clients initially? Did you have to struggle?

B : I used to get numbers from the internet and cold call them. I have heard all types of people speaking. Some people talked nice and there were some people who have even cursed bad words but after all, its part and parcel of business life & nothing comes easily without struggle which helped me to learn more about this market.

T : When did the idea came that you can turn this into a bigger organization?

B: Well i had this goal from start, it was hard at first but things started rolling in slowly, I had many days where i didn’t get any sleep due to the stress of handling everything and i was always paranoid about my company to be true. But this paranoid has also helped me to go ahead. I still have sleepless nights where fear kicks in about the company but it has now become normal.

T : Is there anyone whom  you idolize as your inspiration?

B : Well i would say 2 persons. One is Jeff Bezos, the founder of Amazon. He had his goals fixed in mind about the future of Amazon and that’s what drove the growth of Amazon. 

Second person is my father’s younger brother, his name is Ragavendran. He is not only an inspiration but a mentor to me. I always look up to him and ask for suggestions before during something risky as he shares his opinion on the said thing. I have never thanked him in person but through this interview, i would surely like to thank him for the help he has provided me.

T : We came across an interesting fact that your company is still not funded, do you have any plans to bring investors in anytime sooner?

B : Well i would say No. Because in today’s world people think that, to start a company you need lakhs of rupees but that’s the thing i would like to break and show that investment in a company doesn’t matter but the real purpose of the company matters. I have personally saw many people who are afraid to start their company just because they don’t have sufficient funds , they keep on waiting for that day when funds will come, but instead i will suggest everyone to start first without waiting for funding and then think next. Eventually you will come into the eyes of investors if your idea has potential.

T : We saw that you have some very big names in your client list, which one do you think is your biggest achievement?

B : We had a building/Construction Company approached us for marketing partnership. They had built 2 buildings in the suburbs of Mumbai (Badlapur). We helped them to sell those houses within the time frame of just 5 months which i think is a very big achievement of us.

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T : What’s your objective with your company?

B : When i started the company, i had a question in mind. Will a client come to me if many people are offering the same thing in market and that’s when i thought, we should offer something as USP(Unique Selling Point) rather than going into a crowd. I worked on building partnerships and building relationships with other business which provided services which were related to us and then i started doing backward and forward integrations ultimately becoming an one stop solution for the clients. Client should find it easy with us as we are providing each and everything which a client might need to get their job done and that’s what is important. For me, service is the most important thing.

T : Do you think your competitors lack something which you are doing?

B : I wouldn’t say it as lack of something but i would say that they focus on one thing like a marketing company does only digital advertising and then they try to pitch offline vendors to be their marketing partner which is totally wrong according to me. I think India as a whole is in the verge of digitization but hasn’t completely reached the nook and corner, so we must cater to every client differently.

T : So, how do you think your company DigitalCube Tech Pvt Ltd is impacting the real world?

B : DigitalCube Tech Pvt Ltd as a whole has been going the opposite way of other startups which has become a viral trend now. Someone gets a idea and his whole life he goes on for finding an investor rather than implementing the idea in real world and working on its prototype. People should always dream of bigger things but shouldn’t always live in dreams but instead live in the reality.

T : So we have reached the final part of the interview, I would like to ask you, what advice would you give to today’s generation of startup founders?

B : Well I would say just one thing, Be paranoid about your startup. Once you become comfortable with things, then you can never see ahead of it.

Thank you Bharatwaj Rao, for coming to the interview and we hope our readers have learned something new in this interview and found it inspirational. Visit Headline authority for latest news and updates. Much more interviews are sure to come in future.

Check out DigitalCube Tech Pvt Ltd Website:  Click here!

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