With iOS 10.3 Update its Easy to Use a 16GB iPhone also!

iOS 10.3 Update rolled out to it’s million users by OTA. There are tons of new features in this update which are pretty good. But there are 2 major change in the system which will make you feel good with your 16GB iPhone models also. Previously Apple used HFS System which was 30 years old but this time they completely shifted to new Apple File System or APFS. Apple didn’t made any publicity with this major upgrade but if anything had gone wrong all your data may have been lost!

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iOS 10.3 Update

But nothing happened and everything went smoothly​ & they asked to make a backup before installing the update. After updating there was a huge surprise for everyone about their device storage. This new update is highly optimized so that you get a lot of free space in your phone. What actually happened is that if previously you had 2GB Free storage after updating it increased to 4GB. The reason is Apples new file system which compressed & Optimized your device. So even a 16GB models can be used freely without running out of space issue. Its a great job done by Apple team this far.

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