iOS 10.3 Features! 

Apple released their New update of OS which is iOS 10.3. It came out after 7 beta versions were released. The iOS 10.3 size is around 605MB. We will discuss the New iOS 10.3 Features.

iOS 10.3 Features

Find your Airpods:

iOS 10.3 Features

You already have an app called ‘Find my iPhone’ which is updated and another new feature is introduced. By this you can find your Bluetooth earpiece – Airpods. It will make the Airpods make sound so that you can find them. It’s a pretty good feature.

Apple File System:

iOS 10.3 Features


They replaced their 30 years old HFS System with this new Apple File System or APFS. It gives better encryption security, better performance & read and write capability.

New CarPlay Shortcuts:

iOS 10.3 Features

This was a much needed feature from Apple & they delivered it with iOS 10.3. Now you can check the status or Apple CarPlay from status bar itself. It gives detailed information about the music playlist which is pretty cool & useful.

No Support for 32-bit Apps:

iOS 10.3 Features

Apple already notified the developers that there will be no 32-bit apps support in future & atlast they dropped the 32-bit apps. iOS 10.3 won’t support them as it will run on 64-bit architecture.

Siri got more features:

iOS 10.3 Features

Now Siri got an update which will be handy for sports lover. It will show score & updates of any Cricket match going even statics & rank of teams, player and upcoming matches. This is really appreciated. It will give updates of IPl even.

Apple Maps:

iOS 10.3 Features

With iOS 10.3 you can find your parked cars with just a touch which comes handy.  They also fixed the location bug that’s was creating problems showing current location.

Apple Weather:

iOS 10.3 Features

Not with this iOS 10.3 update you will be getting current weather information hourly and temperature also. It’s built-in even in maps so that you can check both things simultaneously and it comes with 3D touch. Nice isn’t it?

e-Payment support by Siri:

iOS 10.3 Features

Hold on Siri got another new feature. You can now pay bill with Siri. Even check status of bill payments, book rides, your car fuel & lock status. You can turn your cars light on and activate horns.

Apple Podcast:

iOS 10.3 Features

The new feature if iOS 10.3 is that Podcast got 3D touch support which lets you get updated show lists and lets you share the shows through message. It got a playback support also.

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How to update your device to this new iOS 10.3:

iOS 10.3 Features

iOS 10.3 Features

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