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Indian Hackers Leaked 1.7 Million Snapchat Users Data As Revenge!

After being thrashed at social media, Snapchat got another trouble. According to Daily Mail, a group of Indian Hackers has leaked 1.7 Million Snapchat users data in Dark Web. They got those data last year in a white hack operation where they were supposed to find breaches in the Snapchat system. But after Snapchat called India as a ‘Poor Country’, They leaked them in dark web where anyone can get hold of them. The news hasn’t been confirmed from Snapchat, as we have contacted them. We will confirm you after getting back the reply.

Snapchat is facing a hard time as #banSnapchat & #uninstallSnapchat is trending in Twitter and social Medias. People are Giving 1 star rating of their App in Google Play Store decreasing their Overall Rating of the App. Even after all this there is no Official Statement from Snapchat CEO. People are going mad over Snapchat after the news came that”I don’t want to expand into poor countries like India and Spain: Told Snapchat CEO

The Hackers are a group of Bounty Hunter, who find bugs in return of Money. Well the time is really going bad for Snapchat.

There are also some hilarious incident where People are thrashing Snapdeal after confusing them with Snapchat. Read the whole story: People Are Criticising Snapdeal In Place Of Snapchat!

What do you think of this Snapchat Data leak? Drop down your comments below!

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