How To Verify Twitter Account!

That white tick on the blue background is no more only for the celebs now, you can get that “verified” tag too on Twitter if you satisfy certain clauses. The advantages of having verification is that you get a whole new option to restrict allowances to your notifications and has replies,mentions, or likes only by the other verified users. So how to verify twitter account?

How To Verify Twitter Account

Here’s How to verify twitter account:

There are simple steps you need to follow to have your account verified.

  1. Your should log in to your Twitter account with a name which is your real name or the company’s name in case of corporate accounts.
  2. You should have a valid phone no. an an email id which confirms your username.
  3. Information like a profile photo, ,birthday, header image, websites etc should be filled up properly.
  4. You have to list few other websites that would validate yours identity going here.
  5. Now you have to give proper reasons to your need of this verification mentioning your public reach.
  6.  And finally click on submit to register your request.

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