How to get Jio Prime membership free for another 12 months – Detailed Guide!

Yesterday we reported Jio is extending Jio Prime membership for another 12 months as a complimentary benefit. But as we all know there is a catch to avail this offer. As of now those customers who register their interest for this benefit via My Jio app will get the free offer. But there is a huge confusion among people. The main question is How to get Jio Prime membership free for another 12 months!

As we need to register our interest via My Jio app only to get the benefit, first thing you need is to have My Jio app installed in your device. But still people are complaining that there is no option like that. So we decided to write a detailed guide on this topic with some troubleshooting method.

How to get Jio Prime membership free for another 12 months?

  1. Install My Jio App (If you have already installed just Open it).
  2. You will see an option on top same as the screenshot. How to get Jio Prime membership free
  3. Click on “Get Now”And you will be prompted with this screen. 
  4. Click on “Proceed”And you are done. You will get the final confirmation page. 
  5. That’s all you don’t need to do anything. Jio will give an update shortly.

So this is the easiest method to get the Jio Prime membership free for another 12 months.

But as some users are not getting the option, we just want to clarify that there is nothing to worry all users will be getting this offer. Moreover if you have used My Jio app today, you might have noticed some server issues going on the My Jio app.

One Troubleshooting Method

If you have not getting the option or you are getting a error message “Main Customer is null” just like the screenshot below you can try the following mentioned method once.

If you are getting errors like this just Go to your Phone Settings -> Apps -> My Jio -> Clear Data.

If you are still not getting the option the just wait.

To remind you, Jio has not announced any deadline for this method. And to be honest, I don’t think Jio will disappoint it’s users. So do not worry every existing customer will get the benefit. May be they will not activate it automatically, you may have to activate it manually.

Hope this clear all your doubts on How to get Jio Prime membership free for another 12 months. If you still have any question regarding feel free to use the comment section below. 

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