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HD Wallpapers From WallR Review – The Best HD Wallpaper Provider?

According to a survey an average user checks their device more than 80 times a day. Now who doesn’t want to get a visual treat each time they unlock their device? But how? The answer is pretty simple – HD Wallpapers from WallR. Let’s find out how does it work. Here is our WallR Review.

The HD Wallpapers from WallR is developed by Zebro Studio, a Kolkata based Android developer. This app basically a great resource of lakhs of wallpapers which you can use on your device for free. Let’s look at the quick features.

WallR Review: Quick Features

  • 100k+ HD Wallpapers
  • Search for your favourite HD Wallpapers
  • Set Wallpapers with just a single click
  • Customize and then set as Wallpapers
  • Download wallpapers
  • Add to gallery for offline use
  • Crystallize wallpapers to generate some state of the art low poly images
  • Change wallpaper Automatically
  • Share wallpapers directly, without downloading them


But the saddest part is some of the features are available in pro version only. But considering the hard work & dedication of the developer towards the perfection of the app, its recommended to purchase the pro version, as it really encourages the developer. Before further discussion on review, let’s see what the pro version offers:

WallR Review: Pro Version Offerings

Download Wallpapers – Download and save HD Wallpapers to your device’s memory and use them for anything you want to.

Crystallize Wallpapers – Convert any Wallpaper from within the app to a beautiful and exotic low poly Image. As a pro user, you also have the ability to save the Crystallized Wallpaper.
                              WallR Review
Automatic Wallpaper Changer – Firstly, add yur favourite images to the gallery using the ‘Add to gallery’ option and then choose the interval after which a wallpaper should change (you have options ranging from 10 minutes to 1 Day) and then just enable it. You can also shuffle them.
Add to gallery for offline use – You can add your favourite wallpapers to the gallery and select any amongst them and set them as wallpaper, even when you dont have internet connectivity.

Share wallpapers directly, without downloading them – We have hosted the wallpapers in our server, thus all you need to do is share the link of the image to your desired person, and then he/she can download the wallpaper by just clicking on the link.

WallR Review: The Actual Visual Treat

We will be doing our review in multiple parts, so that you guys can actually get to know each part & function of the app and how much value for money.

  • UI: So the user interface is pretty simple from the starting. The developer did not stop just by making it simple even he made it refreshing. The UI is pretty user friendly and very easy to understand for basic users.
  • Features: The free version does offer some good features which is okay for basic usage, but the ultimate power comes with the pro version. The collection features is very much useful. Even this app can change wallpapers in a certain time interval from your collection. The best feature of the is Crystallize Feature. This feature actually convert any wallpaper to exotic low poly image which is dope. But both features are available in Pro version only.
  • Usability: The app is pretty much useful if you want your device to have some exotic mind boggling wallpapers everyday. The wallpaper collection is pretty much dope  & moreover the developer adds wallpaper everyday so you don’t get bored with existing old wallpapers.
  • Pro Version: Value For Money? The free version is pretty much basic. It don’t even allow to download any version in the free version, but the good thing is you can set any image from the app as your wallpaper in the free version too. But the pro version actually offers some ultimate features which turns out to be a game changer in almost any situation. The wallpaper collection feature, the automatic wallpaper change feature & the Crystallize wallpaper feature has no competition indeed  and turns out to be a good deal for Rs. 130.
  • Verdict: There is nothing to verdict, if you want play with the look of your device then WallR can be your best friend for wallpaper resources. The pro version is a good deal if you want the added features, but I feel pricing between Rs. 75-99 could be a steal deal and great value for money. If anyone from Zebro Studio is reading this then do consider this, I hope it will engage more users to buy the pro version.

So here it was HD Wallpapers from WallR Review. We feel the app really does it job for what it is build. The wallpaper collection is truly unique. The basic features might  disappoint you but the pro version will be definitely loved by all the persons who loves to customise their device according to their mood. It will retreat you visually each time you unlock your device truly.

If you want to check out the app, here is the link to Play Store Page:

[appbox googleplay zebrostudio.wallr100]
Free Features
Ease of use
Pro Version - Value For Money

The only app you need if you love to play with the look of your device. The basic free version does offer features which are good for basic use, but the pro version really have some outstanding features which will blow your mind no doubt.

User Rating: 4.5 ( 1 votes)
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