Govt launches free Anti-virus for Mobile phones and PC

To fight the cyber crimes of India, Government Launches Botnet cleaning and Anti-Malware analysis centre. The project is worth 90 Crore which will be used over a period of 5 years. Any ISPS and Banks can come under it to secure their loopholes and clean their system by this free Anti-virus.

How this Free Anti-virus will work?

The Anti-virus will find the potential threat in the system and the user’s can use the free tools to make their data’s secured. Currently 58 ISPS and 13 Banks have installed this system to fight the cyber threats! For any Giant Tech hub the testing fee is about 9-10 Lakhs but Government has slashed the price of testing fee for Recent Tech start-ups in cyber security, they have to pay within 4-5 lakhs. 

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