Google Project Soli: Everything You Need To Know

Google ATAP’s one of the featured project is Google Project Soli.

What’s Google Project Soli? 

In Project Soli there is a chip which uses Radio frequency spectrum & that spectrum is used to track human hand. This chip is called Radar. They are using it to track micro motions, twitches of the hand and then use that to interact with wearables and Internet of things and other computing devices.

 Google Project Soli
Radar Chip

It’s actually a gesture sensor. They are using this cheap to get the gesture information’s at a very high frame rate and transform it to work with wearables.

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This Radar has high positional accuracy which means it can sense the tiniest motions.

Imagine a button between your thumb and your index finger, and imagine pressing the button. What will happen? You will feel an actual physical haptic feedback that occurs as you keep on pressing the button imagining it.

 Google Project Soli
You are imagining the buttons and gesturing

Radar has a property which no other technology has. It can work through materials, you can embed it into objects & it allows to track really precise motions.

 Google Project Soli

Google ATAP has made the hardware part and now they are set to test it in virtual reality. Let’s see when we can see Google Project Soli out in-front of our eyes!

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