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Google Pixel 3 teased impression – Truly stunning!

Google launched Pixel line up back in 2016. After the official death of Nexus series, Pixel is serving the best in class hardware performance along with Google’s stock Android experience. After the amazing success of Pixel and Pixel 2, it looks like Google has already started to work for the all new Pixel 3. We have got some exclusive teased impression of Google Pixel 3.

Google Pixel 3 Teased Impression

So here are some teased impression of Pixel 3. 

[URIS id=6139]


Looking at the above impressions it can be definitely said that the new Pixel 3 will have a 18:9 display ratio. Google has finally decided to follow the trend. But the rear side looks similar to the Pixel 2.

Anyway we are looking forward for more leaks and tease of Pixel 3. It’s going to be a beauty for sure.

Thanks to Vishal Saha for this amazing images!

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