Google Earth Relaunched With 3D Support! 

Recently Google sent out invites for the event of Google Earth on 18th. They Launched the New Version of Google Earth for chrome with 3D Support. Needless to say it’s pretty awesome. It has some new features and completely new revamped UI.

One of the exciting feature is Knowledge Graph. If you search some for any place or location, it will pull out some more information about that searched topic in form of Cards.

Another new feature is ‘Voyage’  which is introduced to provide tour guides made  by ‘Leading storytellers, scientists and non-profits’.

Another thing is that, Google has tied up with BBC News and Sesame street for Voyage to provide interactive tour guides.

There are already some stories you can find in Voyage like “This is Home” which will show you traditional housed around the world.

And if you want to surf it Randomly use the ‘I’m Feeling Lucky’ button, it will take you to any random location to surf.

Google Earth

Google Earth

The most exciting feature is the 3-D support. You can try any angle to watch your favorite location. “When you find a view that leaves you breathless or inspires a fond memory, share a Postcard of your exact view with your friends and family. They can click the link to jump right to where you were (virtually) standing,” Google details in a blog post.

The Revamped Google Earth can be found in Chrome Web, and Desktop. They are launching this to Android users within a week. iOS & other browsers will get it shortly to enjoy the 3-D Google Earth after street view!

Do You Know: Google’s new encoder makes JPEG files Upto 35℅ Smaller!

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