Gmail Can Stream Video Attachments From Desktop

Google is bringing a lot of changes in it’s Gmail, Now Gmail Streams Video Attachments directly from Dekstop. Now you don’t need to download the Videos from attachment before watching, you can stream them online & if you feel it’s spam or not necessary you have the option not to download.

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If you click the video it will pop up an interface like YouTube to play the video online. You can even adjust sound quality, volume & can watch it in Chrome-cast device.

Google is rolling out the updates globally & within 15 days it will reach everyone.

The advantage is that you can stream small Videos instantly without downloading.

The limitation is that the size of the video is limited Upto 25MB. If you send Large videos or tend to watch you have to download it before watching. Still it’s a great feature from Google’s Gmail.

Do you like that Gmail Streams Video Attachments now directly? Drop down your comments below & let us know!

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