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Girl Fakes Kidnapping To Take 10 Lakh From Father!

A daughter blackmailing her own father for money- sounds like the next Bollywood movie plot ? Something like this practically happened in Noida recently. A first year girl had arranged a “kidnapping plot” which scripted her kidnap from JP institute followed by her friends’ call asking her parents for 10 lakh rupees ransom. She did this to help one of her friends.
They had also warned her parents not to inform the Police of a single thing. Her father, naturally worried, transferred the money in a bank account as been addressed to do by the kidnappers. Later in that day, the girl called up her parents informing that she’s been freed for her father to pick her up.

Girl Fakes Kidnapping
The friends of the girl.

After Investigation Police found that the kidnappers were the girls friends & one of her her Friends Aditya’s father was in need of money for huge debt. The girl planned to all this to get the money to help her friends father.

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