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Girl Wrote in Exam: Please Don’t Fail me I have my marriage on 28th June

We often get to see in the newspaper such cases where in minor girls are not allowed to continue with their education but are sworn marriage vows either because of the poor economic condition of her family or because of lack of moral education. But reverse is also happening. It’s often being an obligation for many to somehow pass an examination to get wed-locked.

UP Board exam paper evaluators recently have come across a young girl’s answer script with a note written in Hindi which pleads for grace marks to make her pass the examination as she was to get married the very next month. If she did not pass, her family members will have major issues.

She wrote ‘Sir main ek ladki hoon. Meri shaadi June 28 ko hai. Mujhe pass kar dena nahi to ghar waale gusse mein rahenge (Sir, I’m a girl and getting married on June 28. Please pass me otherwise my family will be upset).’

For UP Board, such cases ain’t new for past many years, they have repeatedly faced students writing notes to the examiners within their answer scripts requesting to make them pass for various reasons such as marriage or job recruitments and so on. In many places even the examinees try to bribe the teachers according to their capabilities!

The authority however clearly says that they don’t approve of all these methods and no paper gets extra credentials based on such requests.

Is a primary right like education, being imposed on these pupils? What is your opinion on what should be done to motivate the youth of India?  Comment below.

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