Freedom 251 owner arrested by Police

Remember last year out of no-where a company named Ringing Bells came up with worlds cheapest phone named as Freedom 251? The cost price was only 251 of the smartphone which they promised to deliver in against Online booking.

Last year an India company took the distributor dealership of Freedom 251 and paid 30 lakhs around to Ringing Bells but in return they got 14 lakhs worth product. They tried to contact Ringing Bells for refund and then Mohit Goel the founder threatened the claimers that he will kill them. So the claimers lodged a case against them for Fraud case and the police arrested him.

According to Mohit Goel his computer got order worth 50 Million in the initial stage of registration which they couldn’t fulfill! 

Let’s see what happens to him, till then stay tuned with Headline Authority! 

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