Foldable House: No More Dreams

Needs can make you achieve anything. This was again proved by the IIT Madras Civil Engineering students who made the prototype of a completely foldable house, even two-storey house that can accommodate as many as twenty people!

Foldable House

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The metal-framed house is said to have a dimension of 52 feet × 52 feet with a height of 40 feet. Its interchangeable metal panels can fit in anywhere and set as the walls which even has the facility of water and electricity supplies. The toilet is separately made and can be attached to one of the terminals of the house.

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The natural calamities make people homeless, this had been the sole inspiration behind working on such a project. Once the project is ready, each house will be available for an estimate of 3 lakh rupees and would definitely solve big problems. We salute this great initiative.

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