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Fake Products Sold By Amazon & Flipkart!


I recently bought two powerbanks of Syska™
i) Syska power tube 150(15000mah) from [email protected]
ii) Syska economy 100(10000mah) from [email protected]

Fake Products

At first impression when i got the power tube 150 it was looking so nice, glossy hard rubber finishing with nice color as shown in the product page but then i studied a bit about syska product and ended up with a result that if it’s “Syska Accessories™” then its original product of syska and if it’s ‘Syska Accessories®” then it’s a fake product made by a Chinese company called Shenzhen and sold under the brand name of Syska accessories. When i went to syska service center they told me that these products will not be categorized as an official syska product hence they will be not be under warranty. so if anything happens, my product & my money is both wasted.

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Fake Products

Now i will discuss the disadvantages of using this products :-
i) Touch response of your phone will deteriorate day by day.

ii) Phone or tablet will be heating during charging

iii) You will not get sufficient battery backup as they don’t carry original lithium ion or lithium polymer battery.

iv) There is a bold chance of over-charge of your device which will cause permanent damage to device’s Motherboard and SoC.

v) It will not last longer than 3 months, or may be get defected within 1 week of usage.

Conclusion:- You’ll end up by ruining your phone or tablet by using those fake power banks, so better buy from official stores.

Fake Products

I generally buy a lot of things from online market like flipkart, ebay, amazon etc and there are many fake products they are selling under the brand name of original respective company,so be aware of those.

The original price of syska economy 10000mah power bank in official site of syska is Rs. 1799 and Flipkart is selling this at Rs. 599. This price difference tells a lot.

And for the other one i.e. syska power tube 150, there is no mentioning of this product in their official site. But Flipkart and Amazon saying that, this is made by syska but after receiving the product you will clearly see that it is manufactured by Shenzhen private limited, a Chinese company.

In case of mi power-banks Flipkart more or less selling original products but in Flipkart sale they always sell fake ones in amazing low price where the customer lures despite it is fake. Always buy mi power-banks from their official site MARKETS.

Fake Products


Some tips before buying:

  • Buy only from official sites or official shop or outlets. Specially in case of power bank.
  • Always do some research about your product whether it’s fake or original
  • Don’t get attracted to low price sales on Online sites.

So buy safely after doing some research or you will end up wasting your money.

If you have ever got this kind of Fake Products, Let us know Dropping comments below.


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