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Beware WhatsApp, Facebook Group Admins – This Small Mistake Can Land You In Jail

We are 2017, the twenty-first century. This century is what we can call digital century. If we talk about digitalization, India will be surely in lead the list, courtesy Jio.The term Digitalization leads us to one big thing Social Media. From day to night, we are fully influenced by Social media – Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, Instagram & much more. May be somehow being so much social digitally – we are becoming unsocial in real life. That’s a totally difficult & different topic to discuss. But the main thing is we are totally surrounded with Facebook & WhatsApp in this digital era. When it comes to WhatsApp & Facebook, how can we ignore WhatsApp & Facebook Groups? If you are one of the WhatsApp, Facebook group admins, beware a heart-breaking bad news is waiting for you.

Today, we really can not ignore the power of social media. It plays a vital role uniting our whole nation in a short span of time. If there is an important news or anything the nation needs to know social media is very helpful to circulate the news in a short time span. But everything has a bad side right? How can this be exception? Now a days misuse of social media have become more prominent and it is being used for personal benefits. People are using this platform for circulating fake news, morphed photos or videos or even false allegations. WhatsApp, Facebook Groups play crucial role circulating the same over the users.

WhatsApp, Facebook group admins

Observing the increase of abusing or misusing the social platform, government has issued a rule to control the wide spread of the fake or offensive post. District Magistrate and Superintended of Police, Varanasi, has issued an order jointly recently. It says, an FIR can be lodged against the group administrator, if any factually false, rumour or any misleading content or anything which can lead rift in local area, is posted in a social media group. Factually, there was no proper law to control or govern the social media groups. WhatsApp, Facebook group admins were not no way liable for any activity held in their groups. However last year Delhi High Court ordered a rule that no group admins will be responsible for any content posted on the group by a group member. But this order by Varanasi government strictly warns a group administrator to be ready to take the responsibility of the contents of the group.

It is also strictly advised that, administrators should only add a person in a group who is personally known to him/her. However, group admins have a last chance if anything like this happens in their group. If any statement looks fake or if it can create a religious rift, administrators should deny the same and remove the person from the group.

In the event of inaction from the group admin, he or she will be considered guilty and action will be taken against the group admin,” the order says. This types of posts can be reported to the nearest police station.

I think it’s a good initiative to prevent the misuse of social media platform. Whats you opinion on the rule on WhatsApp, Facebook Group Admins? Do you own such group? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.

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