Facebook can be banned for 6 hours in this country!

Facebook Ban is not a solution to make the future better, But still For the “Betterment of students and youth” Government of Bangladesh is in discussion to ban the social network Facebook for 6 hours daily which will start from Mid-Night. The news was first reported by a Bangladeshi Newspaper.

Facebook Ban

The cabinet of Bangladesh has given a letter to Telecom ministry stating that Facebook is “Diminishing the working capabilities of Youth” & also “affecting the students”.

The news is confirmed by Shyam Sukender Sikder, Secretary of the Telecom division of Bangladesh and they are seriously reviewing the letter.

Although Bangladesh Telecommunication Regulatory commission wants to involve the parents & Educational institutes into this matter to look for the students instead of banning the popular social network Facebook.

What help will it do by Facebook Ban when other social Networks like WhatsApp, Hike are available to all. Moreover it will create a chaos and will cause problems for a lot of people.

Last time Bangladesh Government banned YouTube for 260 days in 2012!

Do you know: Zuckerberg announces Facebook not to be free from now, pay for updates!

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