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e-Waste can be turned to electricity : IIT Madras innovates

What is e-Waste?

e-Waste includes any household appliances which has electronics and electrical component like wasted Keyboard, mouse, bulbs.

2 years back IIT Madras Scientists found a way to Generate electricity and treat waste water simultaneously with their new innovation!

In the process, they use a e-Waste product LED/LCD which is liquid crystal coated polaroid as an electrode material which helps to treat waste water. Usage of e-Waste as an electrode helps in producing electricity. In this critical time such innovation is really helpful for the Eco-System. Currently IIT Madras is waiting for any organisation to take up their idea and spread it in the real world beyond labs.

“The basic concept that we use in this study is use of waste to treat waste” said a joint paper of the IIT, Madras scientists, Praveena Gangadharan and Indumathi M Nambi who made this innovation.

In-spite of winning many innovation festival with this model they couldn’t get this idea out of their lab, so now they have decided to approach Technology Development Board (TDB) of the science & technology ministry.


What do you think of this innovative discovery by IIT Madras Scientists to turn e-Waste in electricity? Drop down a comment below and let us know!


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