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Xiaomi Rolling dual standby 4G VoLTE on Mi A1 with Android Pie 9.0 – Here’s how to get it!

Xiaomi has been rolling out stable Android Pie 9.0 update to Mi A1 finally. Although the promised update should have arrived earlier, but later is better than never. Interestingly Xiaomi has included a sweet surprise with the sweetness of Pie – Dual standby 4G VoLTE, yes you read it right. Before you get excited and leave the article midway, I just want to tell you that it has not been rolled out for everyone. But nothing to make you feel down, we have a handy and simple guide below on How to get the sweetness of dual standby 4G VoLTE on Mi A1 with Android Pie 9.0 .

dual standby 4g volte on mi a1
Dual VoLTE on Mi A1

Snapdragon 625 supports Dual standby 4G VoLTE?

Earlier the answer was No! The Xiaomi Mi A1 which is powered by the Snapdragon 625 which has Snapdragon X9 LTE modem. Now earlier we knew that the Dual standby 4G VoLTE is purely a hardware-based feature which needs support from the chipset itself and clearly Snapdragon 625 never provided any information whether it was supported or not, even the Snapdragon 625 official specification page has no mention about it. Xiaomi launched multiple multiple phones powered by 625 this year (Redmi Y2, Redmi Note 5) and previous year (Redmi Note 4, Mi A1), but they did not provide any support for Dual standby 4G VoLTE. Even other phones having the same chipset have no support for the same.  But surprisingly Xiaomi somehow managed to enable this on the Mi A1 with Android Pie 9.0. Although there are reports that  Snapdragon has updated X7 and X9 LTE modems but there is no official confirmation if these modems support Dual 4G VoLTE now.

How to get the dual standby 4G VoLTE on Mi A1 with Android Pie 9.0?

Although Xiaomi has started rolling the update in some countries but it is a phased roll out. That means everyone will not receive the update the at the same time. Even some users in India also have received the update. But if you can’t wait to experience the sweetness of Pie and interesting Dual standby 4G VoLTE, here is a quick workaround on how to get the update now.

  • Step 1:  First remove the sim cards connect to WiFi and disable location (GPS) from the quick settings (notification) panel.
  • Step 2: Install UFO VPN (you can try with any other VPN also) and set the VPN location to the Netherlands.
  • Step 3: Clear cache and all data of – Google, Google Service Framework, Google Play Services, Google Backup Transport, Fused Location, and Location Services.
  • Step 4: Goto Settings ->  About -> System Update -> Check for Updates. You should get the update notification. Enjoy dual standby 4G VoLTE on Mi A1 with Android Pie 9.0.

Disclaimer: We are not responsible if you do not get the update or mess up with your phone’s system after following our guide. There should not be any unwanted issues if you follow the guide carefully.

Final Verdict

As Xiaomi has managed to implement the Dual standby 4G VoLTE on the Mi A1, hopefully, they can do it on their other phones like Redmi Note 4, Redmi Note 5, Redmi Y2 via a software update. But I highly doubt if they will do it. But if it’s possible then some XDA developer will surely enable it via any flashable zip. We have to wait for that. We will let you know if any other device gets the feature surprisingly. Until then keep following us.

If you are a Mi A1 and have received the update by following our guide or normally, let us know in the comment section below.

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