Next Generation Of DDR4 RAM Will Increase Speed By 2X!

Get ready Gamers, DDR5 RAM standards will be finalized in 2018. The speed will double in DDR5 RAM than the current speed of DDR4 RAM.

According to JDEC DDR5 RAM will “Double the bandwidth and density over DDR4 RAM”. It will have more power efficiency.


Though the standards will be finalized in 2018 but it will be ready for manufacture at 2020.

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Do you know that current DDR4 RAM standards were finalized in 2012 but it came in market in 2015. The process takes a long time as the processors & SoCs has to be updated to pair up with the RAM. This time they are thinking to bring DDR5 RAM faster by working on the other factors hard.

Let’s hope we get it in out hand by 20202.

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