Jio Might Extend Prime Enrollment Deadline!

Eariler this month we reported here, on the Headline Authority Best News Website, the Things You need to know about Jio Prime. So as per the previous information from Jio the deadline to enroll for Jio Prime was 31st March. Now it looks like Jio might extend the the deadline for Jio Prime enrollment.

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As per reports till now more than 10,000,000 customers has already opted for Jio Prime. But the current customer of Jio is 100,000,000. So till now only 10% of customers have enrolled for Jio Prime. But Mukhesh Ambani wants the remaining 90% also, that’s why they might extend the deadline. Jio basically wants to give a extra chance for the remaining customers.

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But there are some uncertainty about these 90% as per our analysis. Looking at the poor coverage, plan prices there are doubts for these remaining 90%, whether they will continue with Jio or not.

For a quick recap, you can enroll for Jio Prime paying just Rs. 99, then continue the same Happy New Year benefits at Rs. 303 for 28 days.

Have you enrolled yourself for Jio Prime? Let is know in the comment section below.

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