Be Yourself Everyone Else Is Already Taken

Once upon a time, there was a little girl in the not so beautiful world who was a bubble of joy. All she did was spread joy and happiness all around and tried her best to satisfy all. Things were all fine and colourful in her life until one fine day when she had a fall. Well, it was because she didn’t represent the stereotypical definition of “pretty.” Devils used to mock her every other day and make her feel low about every little thing she did. She tried to make the devils happy too because all she knew was happiness but alas, can devils be made happy and peaceful?

Among all the confusions and darkness, she got astounded when she saw some beautiful angels coming to her with their wand. They came to her, sat beside her and all it took was a look in their eyes to make her realise that they were not at least the devils. Little did she know that these angels would be her escape route. They helped her to break through the prison of the devils and make her escape to the not so ugly side of the world. With every passing day, these angels became her treasure. She used to dance with them, laugh with them and sing her heart out. All that the devils had made her forgot, was brought back to her by those little angels in her life. She could now actually breathe. And among all these angels, some of them stayed with her forever and others had to move on to make some other’s life better.
Seems a pretty decent and “happily ever after” kind of story? Well, real life isn’t so. At least, in our present generation, things don’t work out like that. The kinder and soft-spoken you are, the weaker you become and the more you suffer creating an utter confusing state of anxiety and depression.

To deal with these pretty common circumstances some ways can be followed which will help you to be yourself.

Never let others belittle you for the way you are or the way you look. Above all, your heart matters and not your facial beauty. You need to believe that first before making others believe it.

  1. Keep your social circle small and positive. Don’t let too many people interfere in your life and career but keep it small & Be yourself. This will surely help you to have those angels in your life and not the devils as mentioned in the story above.
  2. Not tolerating any mistreatment towards yourself and fighting it back is the probably the best answer to any kind of anxiety disorder inflicted by others.
  3. Feeling inferior to others because of lacking some talent can be a pretty much serious cause of depression. Talking it out with trusted ones or elders to whom you are close can help you a lot.
  4. In this 21st century, mental health care is as serious as physical health. Shying away because you need mental health care is no solution. Seeking expert help and advice as and when required will help you to deal with the fast-moving life in a better way.
  5. Being too emotional or feeling too much can sometimes cost you a lot. Curbing and controlling your emotions through meditation and daily exercises is a proven way of doing so.
  6. Lastly, being aware that you are worth much more than all those negative vibes or comments of the so-called “devils of the society” is the most important thing.

I hope this was a small self-realization for all the readers out there that it is important to come out of the web of unwanted negativity and give way to positive vibes in order to grow and develop in the complex world of today.

Does this inspire you to be proud of what you are? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.


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Ishita Bagchi

A young writer, an avid reader and an aspiring economist with high hopes and dreams of bringing change even if in the smallest way possible. Lazy yet friendly.

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