Anand Prakash got 2.3 Crore for finding Bugs in Uber, Facebook, Twitter & Google!

Security researcher Anand Prakash who is a bounty hunter for bugs found a bug in UBER App and got a reward of hoping $5,000. He is also the first Indian to get the first position in Facebook’s White hat hackers list. In the Uber App he found a serious bug by which any black-hat hackers can get a free ride.

Anand Prakash

After riding the Uber he have to choose a Payment option Debit, credit or Paytm and they can give any invalid numbers and the payment will be accepted. This way they could have for free rides. It took around 15 minutes for Anand Prakash to find the bug. He immediately Informed Uber and showed it exist both in India and Uk. Uber resolved the bug and informed him that they are rewarding him $5,000. He previously helped Facebook, PayPal, Flipkart, Twitter, eBay to resolve their bugs and get bounty rewards. His total amount of bounty earned till date? It’s 2.3 Crore. He is thinking of his own start-up soon with his one-man army team.

Anand Prakash

What do you think about this achievement by our Indian White Hat hacker Anand Parkash? Drop some comments down below and stay tuned to Headline Authority!

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