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Once Again Aadhaar Privacy Breached, This Time By Water & Sanitation Ministry!

Once again Aadhaar Privacy Breached by Government. This is not the first time. This is happening continuously. This should not be taken lightly.

Aadhaar Card was supposedly made for an unique of identification of Indians. For that same reason every sensitive details available — like address, date of birth, phone number even bank account details was included in Aadhaar database for faster information access. But it’s unfortunate to see that Aadhaar privacy breached again and again by several government authorities.

This time Aadhaar details are made public by the government, the Union Ministry of Water & Sanitation. According to a report, the above mentioned department uploaded Aadhaar numbers of beneficiaries of the Swachh Bharat Mission-Gramin on its website. After the data leak news was public, the details were reportedly removed from the website.

As per the Aadhaar Act, Section 29 (4), it s illegal to publish anyone’s Aadhaar number as well any single information of Aadhar. But government or several authorities of government is constantly publishing the Aadhaar details by mistake. However, this is not the first time, on 23rd of the running month, the names, addresses, bank account details and Aadhaar numbers of over a million citizens were mistakenly published on a website managed by the Jharkhand Directorate of Social Security.

Earlier we have seen Sakshi Dhoni lashed out on Ravi Shankar Prasad, Union Minister, Law and Information and Technology, on Twitter because her husband, Mahendra Singh Dhoni’s Aadhaar details were leaked on social media.

We definitely welcome the Aadhaar initiative of making one unique identification card, but this kinds of breach of our sensitive data is not tolerable. We think government should take more strict actions against this types of breach or MISTAKE.

What’s your thought on this Aadhaar Privacy Breached? If you are against your privacy breach then comment below.

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