A Gateway to Kodaikanal: The Princess of Hills

Kodaikanal is a city in the hills of the Dindigul district in the state of Tamil Nadu, India. Its name in the Tamil language means “The Gift of the Forest“. Kodaikanal is referred to as the “Princess of Hill stations and has a long history as a retreat and popular tourist destination.

Kodaikanal was established in 1845 as a refuge from the high temperatures and tropical diseases of the plains. Much of the local economy is based on the hospitality industry serving tourism. As of 2011, the city had a population for 36,501. [Source: Wikipedia]


Kodaikanal being an exotic and beautiful place is full of natural scenic beauties. My travel schedule took me to Kodaikanal in the early of Month of January.

The temperature wasn’t freezing there but suitable. Unlike other part of Tamilnadu being a fire ball even in the month of January.

So lets hop into a Virtual ride to Kodaikanal for those who have not been there once and like a memory throw back for those who visited there.


Connectivity & Location

As mentioned above Kodaikanal is in the district of Dindigul.

The nearest Railway station to Kodaikanal is Dindigul station which is 40Km away from the hill station.

The nearest Airport to Kodaikanal is Madurai Airport around 140Km followed by Trichy 150 & Coimbatore 175km.

But in my view TNSRTC(Tamilnadu State Road Transportation Corporation) is the best way to travel in Tamilnadu be it kodaikanal or to the furthest part like kanyakumari.

In brief

  • Railway-Dindigul(40km)

             Kodai Road(50Km)

  • Airways-Madurai(140Km)



  • Road-TNSRTC(<100INR from Madurai)

Here  is why you must once visit to Kodaikanal.

Historical Importance

The hills of Kodaikanal were first home to the Palaiyar tribe(Local Settlers). The Palaiyar Tribe, who belong to the Dravidian group(Early South Indian people aka Dravidians), lived in the southwest region of the Ghats, which includes few  parts of Kerala and few parts of Tamil Nadu. Originally, they were vivid hunters who survived on fruits, honey, cereals and berries and lived in caves. Even today, you can find several relics and artifacts belonging to the Palaiyar tribe in the Local Museum. Although Kodaikanal has been home to this tribe for a long time, it was only when the English  invaded these secluded hills that the world came to know about their existence. According to the records found in Local literature, the place was first included  in the classic Tamil verse of Kuruntokai and Ettuthokai. In these two poetic works, Kodaikannal was referred to as the Kurinji hills and served as the  love saga between Lord Murugan and his spouse, Valli, a bee-keepers’ daughter.

The main attraction about kodaikanal is the natural scenic beauty of this hill station.

Be it mesmerizing sunrise from the valley or the breathtaking view of kodai city from hilltop cottages through fog.

Natural Beauty

Brayant Park

This is a very brilliant place to visit & kill time and to get in touch with nature.

This park was established by some English people but afterwards taken care by the local people. The flowers and herbs planted in this park are just awesome. If you are a type of natural photographer nothing can beat your heart faster than Bryant park.

Coalkers Walk

You Love Hiking?

Once go and have a walk in coalkers walk.

Coalkers walk is a short walkable passage made on the edge of mountain. The passage is well maintained. If you are the type of person who want to get connected to nature coalkers walk is the type of place for you.

You can see the whole city from this place through fogs. The natural fruits are just awesome in here. Take a walk while eating Sweet carrots and you can feel what I mean. Be it sweet candy or be it sweet tomato berries or pineapple  you will love it anyway.

The cost of living is not much as compared to other hill stations. The food is just brilliant.


The cottage rooms cost around 500-600 INR to several thousand INR for luxury. I will recommend staying in a cottage to enjoy the early morning view.

The tourism package is not even that costly. It costs around 300-400INR. And inclused almost all famous places in KodaiKanal. Due to shortage of time I couldn’t experience the hike to the local villages & forest. But do try this for sure once.

Filiming Spots

Kodai kanal is famous for its spots for movie and advertisement shooting. I could come to know about all the movies which have been shooted there starting from Tamil superstar Mr. Kamal Hassan to Famous Liril soap Ad.

The Folklore says that the first liril soap AD was shot here but on an unfortunate event the Ad girl slipped her feet and passed away in this water fall. Since then this water fall is named as Liril water fall.

Here we are enlisting few more Awesome places to visit.

Gunacava(Gunah Cave)

The significance of this place is that one of the superhit movie of Mr. Hassan ”Gunah” was shot here.

The cave where it was shot is a bit deep & dark and been closed by government after few fatal suicide & murder cases but you can watch the view from above.

The pillars Rock

You can visit Pillar Rocks on a clear sunny day.

These constitute three Huge monolith  granite boulders standing together, each around 400-feet tall. Together, they form an amazing view. However, the Pillar Rocks area is crowded most of the time resulting it to be it a place for monkey. Views are amazing from this place. Grab a DSLR and you wont regret.

The Kodai Lake

The kodai lake is the main attrction of this kodai kanal.

This is also known as upper lake. This looks awesome from the cliff of mountain.

Perumal peak

A part of the massive Western Ghats, Perumal Peak is a trekker’s favourite delight. The peak is around 8,005 ft in height, this peak is one of the highest in the Perumalmalai hills. Trekking the Perumal Peak is an Breat taking journey. The trekking does not require any prior permission. The sunrise and sunsets are amazing from this place.

Kodai observatory

This old observatory was originally Known as Solar Physics Observatory, which was later changed to its present name. A 20 cm refractor is kept in the observatory, through which significant occultation and comet observations are made. This equipment is sometimes provided to visitors, who can view the night sky through it. If you get lucky you can get a dive in to the night cosmos.

Laxmi Mandir & Murugan Temple

This is one of the oldest temple of  kodaikanal.
The scenic beauty around the temple is just breathtaking.

Photography was not allowed in the temple premises so I could take only side views.

There are so many amazing landscapes & beautiful places around the city.


The foods around the city are just awesome.

The favourite food  for morning breakfast is Bread-Omlet and its really mouth watering.

The biriyani shops around the corner are just so much delicious.

Chocolates are homemade here and has the real taste of Cocoa.

The Muffins & Donuts are just amazing.

The Berries & other fruits are just awesome in taste. The local people are real helping and not cunning in nature.

You can expect real help & support in case of need.

Many Ayurvedic medicines are available along with massaging oils including the Neelgiri Oil.

This journey was really fun.

You can feel a real connection with such trip  with nature.

Unless you travel you may never know what a tiny piece of world you exist in.

So do travel & live in the moment.

Stay tuned with us for such adventurous journey.

Don’t forget to comment what you feel in the comments section below.


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