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​DrugFacts- A step ahead to eradication

The way teenagers’ brains are wired may help predict whether they are prone to drug abuse in the near future, says an international team of scientists.

It was found that teenagers with a particular pattern of activity on brain scans were more likely to misuse drugs.

Scientists asked 144 adolescents who had not previously used recreational drugs to fill in questionnaires and take part in behavioural tests to assess how impulsive they were and how attracted they were to trying new things.

The early work appears in the journal Nature Communications.

Though all the researches are still experimental and are undergoing test drives, but surely it gives us a hope that we are nearing a drug-free environment, a better place to let your posterity stay healthy,stay safe.

What more steps do you think could be taken to minimize drug abuse? Let us know dropping your comments below.

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