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Good News Gamers – Now You Can Be An International Level Champion: Video Gaming in Asian Games!

Ever dreamt of playing at the international levels like in Asian Games? Alisports of China’s Alibaba group in association with OCA is bringing this unimaginable opportunity for you ! Video Gaming in Asian Games 2022 is just a matter of time.

The Olympic Council of Asia has decided to introduce Video Gaming as a medal sport in the Asian Games 2022.

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In this e-era, the OCA is positively looking forward to the development of e-sports which is definitely going to be an inspiration to the Video Gamers all over Asia.

The clock has started ticking and in no time we’ll celebrate this brand new idea. So Video Gamers roll your sleeves up, its time to get,set,go!

Whats your opinion on the decision of including Video Gaming in Asian Games? Leave your comments in the comment section below.


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